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GUYYYYYYSSSSS…. remember those Zara sandals I posted about a week or so ago.. well I finally got a pair AND its been pretty warm and sunny the past two or three days here in Barcelona sooooooo I figured to day I whip out my amazing fucking sandals.

The sandals seriously look like they cost me a fortune. And with the right polish color and tan and outfit, you are good to go. [note: I currently have neither of those going on but the excitement of how amazing these look on forced my soul to capture it].

So these are oddly hard to find… if you can’t find them at the store I suggest you order them. These are a size 37 and fit true to size. Like seriously people.. whoever said you needed to spend a fortune on some shoes to look like a million bucks is a fucking idiot.

PS. I know I am extremely white folks. lol

PPS. I saw some other sandals at Zara yesterday when I went for my walk and I tried them on and didn’t get that satisfaction feeling. However I want you’re guys opinion… to buy? or not to buy? (hahaha)

IMG_3520 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519



OKAY…I have already expressed my L O V E for Zara and if for any reason I wasn’t clear enough or you are a new follower… let me say it again I FUCKING LOVE ZARA WOOOOWOOOOO it just makes me happy haha. I walk into a designer store and think okay let me pick one or MAX two things I love and walk out… bbbbbuuuutttt, in Zara I can get whatever I want because typically ONE… just one purse amounts to like 20-50 items of clothing. FOR REAL!!!! So yesterday I walked into Zara and I thought “wow they are moving up in the world”. Their new shoe collection is sooooo nice, it legitimately looks like a designer shoe but its affordable and its Zara. [which btw who gives a fuck, if you love it and it makes you smile, buy the damn thing]

I wanted to show you guys.. I took some pictures in the store yesterday but they didn’t come out as clear, considering in Spain the Zara store is like a damn Zoo… like a million people in one store lol. Therefore I took them from their website…

oh btw…. I finally got those lace up sandals I posted a few days ago.. #happybitchrighthere

PS. Brown heels is EVERYTHING.




Todays fashion… so in about two or three weeks I am traveling again with my husband to go do some shopping. Even though Spain (barcelona) has a few stores it doesn’t compare to a place like Paris… shopping capital of the world. Any who.. I haven’t purchased purses for quit some time now and I typically always buy Chanel because I just think their things are timeless. I also like Givenchy but they all look the same. I actually like a lot of bags but my least favorite that I own thus far is Celine. I have a few of them and THEY ARE SOOOO HEAVY… you know that heavy that leaves a huge red mark on your arm as if someone had tried to kidnap you type shit…lol. So this time I will probably buy Louis Vuitton. I love their bags. Ive had some of mine for years and years and they are still amazing and some I just got which are filled with amazing leather quality which I look for in a bag. I like the more basic models for LV though.. here are some I had in mind that I wanted to pick up when I go….

lv1 lv2 lv4

PS. This red last red one I am obsessed with and must get…how fudging amazing is it!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys… so about that diet… I did really well yesterday and walked to the gym, worked out and walked back. (walking distance is about 30min up hill). I HAVE LOST ALMOST 2 POUND ALREADY!.


Breakfast: Blk Bread toast with almond butter and organic cranberry jam. 1 yogurt and coffee.

Lunch: Quinoa Oatmeal with cranberry and almond. I used skinned milk and added fresh banana and blueberries.

Instead of dinner I had a bag of popcorn (no butter, lightly salted) with a detox tea.

Through out the day I also had 8 glasses of water and in one cup I added two table spoons of chia seeds.

Weight today: 110.6 Yahooo

WHO ELSE IS GETTING READY FOR SUMMER…. lol.. fucking hateeeeeeeeeeee the process!!!1


P.S I purchased these Nikes in Paris and I LOVE THEM. So comfortable and light… like I’ve said before I am obsessed with work out clothes.. even though they all look exactly the same and I don’t wear colored worked out leggings and they are all balck, I STILL BUY IT. FML!!!!!! I need to donate some stuff



I wanted to do a blog about my FUCKING WEIGHT. I feel like if I share it with you guys I will be more determined to get into shape. Once upon a time (two months ago lol) for a few years I was very healthy and into my weight. I almost became upsets with what the scale said… which I know is horrible. After I moved form Los Angeles two months ago I traveled to Sweden, Paris and now I live in Barcelona Spain for the next 14 months. In this process I have put on SIX pounds. I keep waking up and saying “TODAY IS THE DAY…” andddd then I get hungry haha… okay so Im pretty sure I don’t stand alone on this topic. Its like every girl and boys problem. So lets solve it together. I am as of today (lol “today”) no really, as of today going to maintain a healthy diet and lose that SIX fugging pounds that I have gained. I will keep you guys posted and if you are looking to go down a few pounds… join me and share with me tips and tricks and you’re journey. I feel the more are a part of the process the greater the success.

My current weight is: 112 pounds.

Goal weight is: 105 pounds.

Before you anyone starts judging, for me 112 is a bit much. I know people look at me and think this girl is fucking out her mind, she’s already skinny, but I am not firm skinny I am fat skinny if that makes sense lol. Regardless everyone has a goal and a way they like to look and at 105-107 pounds is where I feel most comfortable. Plus… my pants are not really on the same page as  my ass and waist these days so I always think instead of buying new jeans just lose the weight and get back into you’re old pair….sheeeeet. I will update everyone on my process and you guys do the same.




Hey my lovely beautiful people. Today I was originally going to talk about the wide leg trend but it seems kinda boring even though I am soooooooo excited… WOOP WOOP. Okay had to get that off my chest lol. So, shoes…. a few months ago I purchased the Givenchy screw heel in black and brown pony hair and sued.. and I absolutely love them and still do [side note: when I get all my stuff shipped I will start adding pictures of my clothes that I am talking about and share it with you guys of course]. These heels are surprisingly extremely comfortable. I was watching other fashion bloggers at the Givenchy show this year [ummm…jealous] and I saw the new collection and I DIED. The new boots and thigh highs are A M A Z I N G. I cannot wait to get my hands on those things. I will say though, typically I don’t do thigh high boots cuz I just feel like I look like a complete hooker hahah like fo real..right!!?? I know I am not the only one! I guess it depends how you wear it haha.

These are the new pair that I JUST MUST HAVE. What do you guys think of them…

Givenchy screw heel Givenchy givenchy2

PS. How amazing is that Givenchy dress (second picture). Fucking love it!!!!!!



Hey guys, once again to everyone who celebrated Eid, Happy new year.

Okay back to business… the serious stuff… FASHION. aka the air I breath. A few blogs ago I mentioned pairing pricy things with affordable things to make an all together amazing look. However, I must admit I loveeeeeee L O V E Valentino. I would wear his clothes all day everyday if that was possible lol. He is my absolute favorite designer “for clothes” and let me share why. Majority of fashion designers make collections that are very amazing and fabulous and over the top. Unless you’re a celebrity or going to Paris or Milan fashion week, who really wears those things on a daily basis. Yes, I know the runway collection is couture.. however the collection on line is just the same. Now don’t get me wrong I have plenty of Chanel hanging in my closet or a $7,000 Victoria Bekham dress but I have yet to wear either one of them. That is exactly my point… Its hard to wear such amazing couture dresses on a daily basis so its just sitting in my closet waiting to be worn. BUTTTT Valentino, ahhhh yes… I have many of his dresses as well and let me tell you they are ALL wearable on a daily go. Yes they are expensive but you can wear it with cute sandals to the mall or out to lunch with friends, take the sandals on switch to heels and go to dinner. They are comfortable, extremely fashionable and fucking nice. You will feel like a million dollars in them thats for sure. THAT IS WHY I LOVE VALENTINO.

P.S. Their heels are probably the most comfortable heels I have every purchased and worn as well. Not exactly my favorite brand for heels but man they are made with the woman’s foot in mind.. LOVE

P.P.S. Who else is as excited about the wide leg pant coming back into fashion as I am. YASSSSS!!!!  I must do a blog on it.

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Persian New Year (Aid)

Persian New Year

Saleh Noh Mobarak!!!
Saleh Noh Mobarak!!!

Today is Aid, which is the Persian New Year… meaning it is the first day of spring. Today is a very special, important day for the Persian community and for myself. On this day we (Persians) set a table called Haftseen (which can be spelled a million ways so don’t be to hard on me). The table represents 7 S’s of luck, fortune, health, wealth, and all that good stuff. On this day leading up to the countdown that ALL Persians have lol, we get together with family and friends and have appetizers and just have a good time. Once the clock hits and Saleh Noh (new year) happens we all hug and kiss. Tradition is; that the elders give money out the Koran (or Torah, or Bible) to the youngsters and you are typically supposed to save it because it is “good luck” but no one ever does lol. Afterwards you sit around the dinner table and all enjoy traditional Aid food, Fish with sabzi polo (Dill rice) with coucou (don’t know how to explain this one).

This year I am away from my family and celebrating with my husband. The table I set is missing a lot of elements and thats mainly because I have no clue where to find the very “Persian” things needed. So I made it happen with what I could find. Just wanted to wish all my fellow Persians who are celebrating Aid today… A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Okay one thing I need to share with you guys… I fucking LOVE eating lol and to eat good stuff I have to cook… also I have a husband I need to feed haha. I must admit though, I absolutely love to cook and come up with my own crazy fun creations. I cook a lot of swedish dishes (granted I am from there and love their food) and I also cook a lot of persian dishes because I am persian as is my husband.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVENT TRIED PERSIAN FOOD……DO IT, ITS AMAZING!!!! I really enjoy all foods. Some of my favorite aside from Swedish and Persian is Indian (YUM), any kind of Asian foods and of course Mexican food. There is so many more but this blog post will become endless if I go on.

Anyway… so in my house on tuesdays I try to keep tradition… TACO TUESDAY wooop wooooop… We love tacos. Even though I don’t eat meat… I make him steak and substitute it with beans for myself. In Spain I haven’t had much luck finding the Mexican things needed such as hard shell tacos. I took it upon myself to buy some roundish looking baking pans and I greased it a bit, tucked the tortilla in there and shoved it in the oven for about 5 min… VAAALLLAH.. hard tostada bowl created. It was amazing and I totally out of hunger fucked up… forgot to take a pic lol.

What this blog was really about three paragraphs later haha… what I ended up doing with the left over taco shells I made. So instead of throwing them away, I added two big spoons of Nutella, two cut fresh strawberries, half a sliced banana and lastly crumbled biscuit crumbs on top. Place oven on 400 and leave it in there for about 10 minutes for the strawberries and bananas to really soften and soak into the Nutella. Take it out let it sit for 2 minutes and eat however you wish. If I wasn’t watching my weight A LITTLE haha I would add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and eat it like that, instead I folded it and ate the delicious creation.


P.S. The picture does not do it justice. I promise. lol

Sincerely: Self Certified Chef

Finished product



Here is a quick lip liner tutorial. So I don’t understand how these professional makeup artists that make mini tutorial videos on their instagram page are so good at it… because clearly I suck at it. I try so hard to find good lighting lol there must be a special light or something they use and like a camera stand instead of holding it with one hand like an idiot (like me) and trying to tape with the other hand…. very difficult fast. #thesturggleisrealpeople

P.S I love to use lipliner as a full lipstick look. Why? well for one it stays on ALLLL day because its so much thicker it doesn’t smudge or get on you’re teeth which is amazing. You can smile with confidence. lol Secondly I love the matt look. Ive never been a fan of Gloss, especially because my lips are pretty plump and big as is… I think the matt look is way sexier and I just think gloss on my big lips is borderline stripperish. lol (sorry to my strippers just keeping it real).

Oh and PPS. I just got word that my shit has been shipped and is on the sea being sailed to me. HAAAALLLEEEHHH LUUUYYAAAA . So so so excited to really dig into my fashion sense and give you guys a taste of my fabulous life.