Makeup 101: My beauty tipsss!!!!

MakeUp!! MakeUp!! MakeUp!! …. our favorite topic right.. well at least mine is.

The last couple of days I have been doing mini makeup tutorials on myself on my instagram page (fahionbloggertogo). I try to do something different every day and learn something new. This week I was watching some makeup tutorials on youtube and I noticed a lot of these girls are “BAKING” their face. lol at first I was like WHAT THE @@$%^^& who does that shit.. but I must say.. I tried it and its fuckin life changing. If you have the time and are going some place fancy shamncy or just wanna look a little more flawless you gotta do this step. It reallllly sets the under eye concealer and brightens its at the same time. I la la la love it lol.

Aside from “baking” Ive been exploring with eye shadows. I am typically not an eye shadow kind a gal cuz I am just to lazy lol… but when I do wear it.. damn I look good.. hahahahaha OKAY that was to too confident. lol

So here is todays makeup look guys…

Products listed here:

#flower BB2 foundation, #physiciansformula natural light concealer, #itcosmetics bye bye pores under eye setting powder, #airspun face powder, #nuance Salma Hayek powder in medium 230 (used to contour my cheeks), #mac hot sensation under eye highlighter, #nars desire blush, #physiciansformula bronze booster light to medium (amazing stuff), #mac soft and gentle highlighter!!!!! 


All by myself…

So.. My mom left and went back to Los Angeles. I am once again ALLLL alone.. well at least it feels like it!!! Have you ever been so surrounded by all these people and yet, you feel so lonely.. hmm well if you know then u know what I mean!!! Okay, not trying to be all mushy and shit but really… I already miss her… WAGHHHH…

On to a more interesting topic.. YOUTUBE. I am going to begin spending more quality time with my youtube channel. I get a lot of messages asking for step by step makeup routine that are on mah face in all my selfies. The only reason I haven’t really gotten to it is because my lighting sucks ass… i need that LED make me look half way flawless without even trying type lighting. lol. I don’t know where to get something like that in Spain and Im definitely not ordering it because getting something shipped into Spain without being a permanent resident is HELL.. like FUCKING HELL. Anyways, those are personal issues lol…

What my plan is however, is to be really bootleg about this.. I am going to get a few LED light bulbs and make magic happen some how.. and when I do (lol) I will make more videossss so I can interact with everyone a bit better, rather than it being strictly through pictures and written words.. YAY you guys get to see the really crazy typical girl in me lol… reading these after that will be much more entertaining!!!! I SWEAR BY IT!!!!

Okay.. so no pic today.. just my lovely thought of the day…

P.S I got a hanneh or henna tattoo by the beach and its looks so ghetto its ridic. Oh and I realized trying to scrub it in the shower just makes my skin hurt lol.



And still going…!!! I haven’t been able to write for some time now because my mom has come to visit me from LA. Its been about a week now that she has been here and she goes back on monday. So, in this week I have gained 3 pounds (from her persian food cooking), I went to Madrid and all in all walked about 15+++ miles lol.

My moms arrival has made me realize three things, 1. That I need to go on a major diet and workout plan (for real), 2. I am so damn lonely without the company of my mom here and 3. I can’t believe I live in Barcelona over Madrid for the next year.

Lets talk about it, maybe that way I will feel a bit content (for now). I am on a strict diet as of today.. and I am for real because I know I wrote about it a while ago.. but my face has gotten so round. And for some it looks good but for me a round face does not really suit me… aside from a round face I can barely breath in my jeans.. ugh why do I love food so much. So my body weight loss inspiration has been Morgan Stewart from RKOBH.. that girl went from medium to TINY.. something I once did and felt so accomplished about. Its all about the self control and I know I have that shit in me.. just watch!!!

On to the next…, I am so sad my mom is leaving on Monday. I actually have someone to socialize with and walk with.. I realize now how lonely I am without her here. Walking ALL BY MYYYYY SEEEEELLFFF…..  I need to make some friends. Its hard to make REAL friends these days that you have something genuine in common with. Especially here in Spain where no one speaks english and well… my spanish isn’t on any level of anything just yet so that makes it even that much more difficult. To be very honest… aside from good hearted friends.. they also need to be fashionable and on my level.. yes yes I know that sounds all kinds of bad..but its the truth lol.. sorry not sorry?

Lastly.. Madrid. Oh how I fell in love. Kinda. lol. So I went to Madrid with my mom for two days… I LOVED IT… I mean Barcelona is nice also and has its perks (a beach) but Madrid felt more like LOS ANGELES something I am used to. It was big and full of life and big streets with CARS driving .. big cars… and there was so much to the place that it was nearly impossible to get bored in a years stay. Here, I feel so compressed into a small community because Ive already seen and done everything there is because its such a small city. I must say though, the weather in Barcelona shits on the weather in Madrid.

To the exciting part… some pics of my activities with my mamma bear during the week and some things I wore!!!


Outfit of the day

Todays Outfit…

Valentino Dress, Christian Louboutin So Kate suede purple heels


Ps. I love dresses that have pockets on the sides.. how cute right… lol

PPS…. my little dog Frosty is always photo bombing my pics these days.

PPPs. yes I probably should’ve ironed my dress a bit but my lazy ass was to fuckin lazy hahaha….

Makeup Details

IMG_4762 IMG_4766


(same day makeup… just changed shirts lol)

Primer/Moisturizer: Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Vanish (Amazing stuff- only available on line)

Foundation: L’oreal infalible, 140 Beige Dore

Concealer: Physicians Formula Conceal RX, Fair light

Contour Stick: Maybelline Fit me! 355 coconut

Setting powder (whole face): Airspun Loose face powder, Translucent

Bronzer: Tarte, Park ave Princess

Blush: Mac, Fleur Power

Under eye highlighting powder: Mac, Hot sensation

Shimmer: Nars, Albatross… mixed with Urban Decay Naked Illuminated, aura

Liner: Physicians Formula, Ultra Black eye booster

Brows: Mac, charcoal brown matte eyeshadow (I use sometimes for my brows)

Lip Pencil: Mac, Subculture

Outfit of the day…. Fashion


Okay before I start.. I am currently eating some candy while typing this and I just ate a gummy bear that was soooo fucking spicy the side of my cheek is numb. Hmm lol anyways…

Todays outfit details: ZARA shirt, HUDSON jeans, LOUIS VUITTON purse, GUCCI sandals.

IT WAS SOOOOO HOT TODAY…. I asked and God gave… I love you!!!!


Todays Makeup Look I did more of a WET glow bronzy thing. If you guys want details of products used comment below.


P.S… On the 11th my mom will be here from Los Angeles to visit me for two weeks and I am soooooo freaking excited. Haven’t seen her for 5 months now and that has been the hardest part ever. She and my sister are my best friends and to depart from them for such a long period of time is very difficult. Anywho, point is lol…. I will take lots of pictures and upload them. YAY… 

BTW: I AM OBSESSED WITH MY NAME NECKLACE. It is written in Farsi and it says my name “Sonya”… if you life in the Valley in Cali, my mom got it for me from the topanga mall and its 14k gold plated so you can shower and swim with it on!!!

Outfit of the day

Today’s outfit. It’s a bit gloomy here in Barcelona Spain but it says its going to be warming up this upcoming week which I am so excited about. Aside from that I MISSSSSSS LOS ANGELES. I have never been so excited to go back. lol…

I almost regret making my husband work from Spain instead of choosing Paris. I know the weather is MUCH better here and quality of life (for the time being) is better here as well.. its just the class level doesn’t quit suit us. Not to sound like snobby bitch lol, but for real guys.. I love Spain because its super peaceful, but its definitely not a place to live if you LOVE fashion and wear heels and that type of shit. Everyone here is so below average and comfy. Its very rare to see another female like myself walking the streets… NO OFFENSE SPANISH FOLKS… Love Spain but I think I would’ve sacrificed the weather conditions and beach to live in Paris. Oh well… so we have a year to travel and decide were our next destination is, until we go back home of course to our homeland LA!!!!

So todays outfit details: H&M shirt (bought last year), Zara boyfriend ripped jeans (which my husband hates lol says I look like a homeless), Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent Leather Nude heels, Louis Vuitton Purse.


Ps. This makeup look is up on my YouTube account if you guys are interested in the products I used. I show them all in the process of applying it. Go subscribe