Yesterdays Outfit was very…

SUMMMERYY!!! < = yes I know its spelled wrong!!! Yesterday I went out for lunch and let me tell yah.. its fucking hot in Spain. I don’t know whats going on in LA or the rest of the world but in Spain its hot. NOT that I am complaining cuz I love the heat of course… most the time!

Outfit details… you guys its ALL Zara. I typically don’t wear all Zara in one day but I didn’t even realize it till I was posting my pic on instagram (fashionbloggertogo).

Top is Zara. I just got it so its still available and it comes in multiple colors YAY.

Skirt is Zara. Got this about a year ago, I believe last summer so it most likely won’t be available. BOO.

Shoes from Zara. These you can get on line, or if you live in Spain you can get them in store still. YAY.

Purse Chanel. My favorite classy black bag.



P.S I leave for Paris again on the 11th… so excited love that place!!! oh and My selfie pic.. well I never wear my hair braided so I figured id share howwwww fuckng talented I am.. lol and of course MakeUp details.

Makeup used: @Flower BB2 (which I am out of ugh), @itcosmetics translucent powder under eyes, @Mac medium deep to bronze and lightly contour, @Mac soft and gentle for a highlight, @Mac brow pencil in Brunette, @mayballine mascara (best damn mascara ever), @Nars Blush



PPS. I started a Three day Liquid cleanse today FML. Go follow me on my insta page also for more pics.. on the DAILY!!!