Kylie Jenner

BRONZED GLAM LOOK!!! Today I felt so inspired to do a Kylie inspired makeup tutorial (which is currently uploading on my channel: sonya sedaghatmehr). I really love her makeup looks on certain days. I love how she has those lashes extending on the outside of her lashes and to be honest for the past week ever since I tested that look out for myself I have been obsessed with placing my long full lashes at the ends of my lash line and using mascara to add my own lashes into the mix!!! The products used for this long are said on my tutorial hope you guys likeeeeeee!!!


IMG_0993 IMG_0969
IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Acne be gone…

video!!!! Say whaaaaaaat. lol I swear I am just to much sometimes. Okay I have to start of my saying that my youtube videos are not as full of personality as Id like them to be.. you’re so limited on the time you tape or it won’t let you post or it takes FOREVER so I have to rush through it lol but you know what fuck it lol Imma take my time today when I do my everyday simple highlight and contour video!! And I am a little too excited since I finally got my lights installed yay… ANDDDD my room chandelier got installed yesterday also.. H E A V E N closet!!!

Check out my video and let me know if there is something specific you guys want me to record and share with you guys.. or a question answer if you’d like… cuz you know I have ALLL the time in the world on my hands currently and have time to sit and talk to you guys which whom are my ONLY friends lol… legit you guys (my followers) are my only friends since Ive moved… lol so don’t be shy to ask question I love that shit….

A little about my video. Its called how to get rid of acne and pores and get flawless skin.. well as flawless as you can. To start, this takes time. Its not magic, sadly…no POOF’S be gone here.. but really I used to struggle not with acne but with 4 to 5 pimples a few years ago. Because my face is SOOOO white when I break out no matter how small the breakout is the entire surrounding area plus the breakout turn super pinkish red. And when you have clear skin and have 4 red big circles on you’re face it draws soooo much more attention to you’re face. On the other hand.. they would come and go rapidly which was nice so no I am not complaining and my heart goes out to those struggling with acne. I honestly can’t get enough of talking about my simple skin regimen. Its so practical and affordable and it had worked miracles for my skin. I know I slightly touched out on this on my blog.. and if you follow me on my blog, youtube and instagram you know that there are three products I seriously need in my daily life ALWAYS… 1. Dial soap 2. Neutorgena sunscreen 110 and 3. Loreal true match foundation

P.S my video light sucks balls.. <— um ew… and today I will make probably one of my better videos so if you like highlight and contour and wonder how I get my face looking the way I do (so lifted) check that out later also!!!


Shopping Outfit

inside ZARA… ahaha!!!!! Yesterday I finally decided to leave my house.. yah in this heat guys I typically never walk out the house unless I am in dyer need of something mucho importanta. So with that being said it allows me to do more makeup tutorials on my youtube channel (sonya sedaghatmehr) of how I like to apply my makeup!! There are many things I haven’t figured out yet working with youtube and making a perfect video.. p.s my lighting still sucks ass but hey.. at least every video it get a bit brighter hahaha.

Anyways… back to my day yesterday! I went all around and of course ZARA is always my first stop. It just doesn’t matter how much money I have to spend or don’t have.. Brand name or not, ZARA is my second home, “home away from home”. I purchase 85% of my clothes from there because they have really good quality clothes that are in with the latest fashion trends AND their pants actually fit my skinny ass (with the exception of their skirts.. the XS is still big around my waist.. but being the amazingly smart person that I am I usually have them tailored to my waist size (that is of course if the skirt is fucking awesome, or else who buys a cheap skirt and pays more to tailor it hahha)). <– quote within a quote<—.

So yesterday it was probably 95 degrees in Barcelona and around 60 percent humid and about 40mph winds. In these extremely warm and sticky conditions my ass decided it would be a great idea to wear some of the tightest jeans I have… SAY WHATTTT.. haha (I make myself smirk sometime). Yah, I was so hot and bothered for a minute but good thing the stores are on that ice temp shit. AFTTTERRRR Zara I went to Chanel. I saw the most beautiful navy/black espadrilles ever for the new fall collection.. I was in a rush so I couldn’t try them on and buy them but today is a new day lol!!! I need to have those in my life before they sale out!!!


OUTFIT DETAILS: Benetton shirt, Zara skinny jeans, Ferragamo sandals, Chanel purse


Okay after all that shopping yesterday I was super hungry so I went and grabbed some lunch.. this sandwich was legit bigger than my hand… like super big.. but of course since I am a true fatty I have majority of it!!!


Makeup Tutorial!!!

on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! (Sonya Sedaghatmehr). I just posted a video of my face routine mixing high end products with drug store products. I find that a lot of products these days are overly hyped up and never meet up to their expectations.. when really you can find something at the drug store for 80 percent less and works way better and is way more pigmented in color! YAS!! watch to see what I use and how I combine the two and don’t forget to subscribe to watch my skin care routine tomorrow!



IMG_0366 IMG_0364


Legs, Manolos and..

FERRAGAMO!!! UM music to you’re ears much??!! yeah I know. Soooooo I must share my Get the KIM K. look makeup tutorial I posted. The lighting isn’t that amazing but it doesn’t suck either…. if you haven’t watched it uhhhhh GO.. LIKE NOW!! well after you finish reading my blog post haha.

Aside from this fantabulous video… Tonight I wore a pair of my favorite heels.. my favorite only because the heel is lower than most my heels and because you can actually walk a few blocks without hating you’re fucking life!!! Oh and because they are black and my husband totally surprised me with them in the cutest way (even though they were the wrong pair.. thought that counts lol).


P.S My diet.. yes I am sharing my thoughts because I feel like if I feel like others know I am on this mission it will motivate me more.. lol you might have to reread that line to know it wasn’t written wrong.. lol my grammar aint that bad!!! sheet. lol so anyway.. I was doing soooooo fudging good and got back to my normal weight 107ish (the ish is the hardest part to get rid of). So nowwwwww I am back at 111ish.. ugh shoot me I was doing so good.. but being a wife.. I cook for my husband a lot and when I do I eat with him.. which isssss sooooo bad…. waghh… so tomorrow I am on my mission again. I have one month to get down.. like real down before my sister comes and visits because I want a good 10 pounds room for just eating everything and anything. Oh and exciting news.. I ordered a waist sintcher and will be wearing that shit all day everyday and will def let you guys know if all this media attention is really true or its all bullllllshit!!!


Makeup and..

Shoes… Tom Ford shoes that is!!!! Hey hey hey… Yesterday I did a makeup look on myself that was pretty intense. Like cray… but I kinda liked it. Typically I am not one to wear a shit tone on my eyes or some fucking spider lashes but for the purpose of the look I was trying to achieve.. YOLO! lol. (p.s I hate that fucking work yolo.. like who started that.. ew). Back to my makeup… so I basically used the same products I always use and I would love to give the eye shadow color and brand but I got it from Rite Aid and Im talking about years and years ago so the name is rubbed off completely. Also, my lashes I got from Dasio which is a cheap store in the Valley Los Angeles.. they carry everything.. if you are in the area GO!!!




ON TO MY SHOES OF THE NIGHT… OH TOM FORD how I love you… So I got these heels about a week ahgo.. haha jk (for those who aren’t following.. its a song) but I got them less than a year ago and still haven’t worn them.. let me explain why. The heel is very comfortable but I personally have a thing against heels that are closed toe pointy AND have a ankle strap around, why you are wondering.. well because when you’re toes are closed AND you’re ankle is cut off it makes you’re legs look super short, and Im the average 5’4 so I do all that I can to always “appear” longer not taller, than I really am. But any who yes I got the damn heels anyway because they are fuckin amazing.. and I am looking for the right dress or skirt to wear it with.. ANY IDEASSSS???!!?!





is finalllllly complete!!!! Well with the exception of my chandelier being hung sometime this week… its pretty finished. Took me a lot of hard work I must say. lol no really its tough labor. Anyway… I finally completed.. I envisioned it and make it come to life. I can legit be in here all day and not be bothered. My shoe closet however is far from completed. Now my focus is going to be completely directed to that area of my closet… yes life is difficult.. what can I say, I am a PRINCESS! I must give my husband a shoutout though for letting me take over so many rooms just for my shit lol… even though he has created himself a man cave in another room… just in case you were wondering our home has 6 rooms!!! Our bedroom, his office/man cave, my walking closet, my shoe closet, room turned into TV room, and the guest bedroom!!

Ohhhhh and other exciting news, well what I thought was exciting news.. I got amazing LED lights like the pros use around their mirror right??!! but I got mine for around my computer.. so I open them and realize I can’t use that shit because it fuckin needs some special electric wires which my wall does not have, which means I would have to have an electrician come install.. LIKE WTF… who sells shit like that.. and who doesn’t pay attention when buying shit like that lol.. I did get a small LED desk lamp which isn’t sufficient enough for makeup tutorials BUT.. the cool person that I am imma make one anyways and see how it turns out… whatever it is it’ll be better than anything I have preciously made with NO light. lol





So the closet is a little bigger but I couldn’t fit it all in a pic but you guys get the idea!!!!!!!

Happy girl


Makeup day…

NUMBER TWO…!!! Today I did pretty much the exact same technique I did yesterday with my makeup.. the only difference is that my liquid liner is shaped more like a Pin Up girl than the usual cat eye I always do. Um yes.. I try to be outside my box looking in sometimes hahaha..

H U G E makeup tip right here.. Loreal foundation.. ahhhhhhhmazing. I am really trying not to hype it up more than I should but this shit is unreal. The flawless application that it gives my face is CRAYY please go buy one and  try it out. I have like 7 of them sitting in my makeup drawer. My current shade is W4. It is pretty wet so make sure you use a good setting powder. Butttt once the setting powder has been set… that foundation isn’t going ANYWHERE… its on you’re face the rest of the day.. even in this fucking heat.. yes I have heat and sweat tested this shit out for you guys. Its worth the try and its no more than $14 bucks (which I think I am high balling). Another tip, with this foundation use the MAC contour kit to conceal.. ugh have you guys seen my pictures lately.. I swear this pic is legit no filter and just the sunlight through my open window… like its that good!!!!!! 


AMAZING FOUNDATION RIGHT???!!! P.S YES THAT IS TOOTHPASTE ON MY SLEEPING SHIRT.. don’t even act like you’re sleeping clothes don’t have toothpaste spots on them.. lol (until you wash them of course)


Makeup tip and…

Trickssss…. “so” lately I have been doing my makeup and trying to really become GOOD GOOD at it. I really enjoy being able to make my self look so fresh and alive with just a simple application of makeup. If you keep up with my instagram and blog posts you will notice I don’t every hear super heavy makeup or dark eye shadows. The reason I don’t wear such dark eyeshadow is 1: because I have dark features and big eyes, so when I do a smoky eye with inside liner I look like I am attending a wedding or about to go disco disco lol and I just don’t like the “damn, this bitch trying to hard” look during the day. 2: I the black liner inside my eye makes my eye appear much smaller in size and quite frankly I like my eyes big and bright, not small and dark. (makeup tip for small eyed girls… don’t wear heavy eye makeup or dark makeup.. wear a thin layer of black mascara and maybe some shimmer behind the lid and by the tear duct and avoid dark liners). Anywho my makeup look yesterday was simple and easy to achieve..

Products used: Loreal true match w4 foundation, Mac contour kit concealer, Neutrogena skin clearing mineral powder 2, Benefit hoola contour, Sephora fonce deep 55, Mac flour power blush, Mac subculture lip liner, Physicians Formula eyeliner, Mac hot sensation highlighter, Mac soft and gentle glow. 

IMG_9644 IMG_9642 IMG_9633


Style!!! I want to share so many things today lol buuuut I won’t and instead I will share them in pieces. One thing I have to share however… So I completely redid my shoe closet. I moved it to another empty room in my house and am getting a big built in walking closet installed this weekend with a beautiful chandelier hung right in the center… ahhhhhhhhh YES!! (these blogs need to add emjois right). If you are following me on instagram you will see my redone shoe closet which is still not complete either. Got a few more tricks up my sleeve for that room as well. I know I know, you’re probably thing damn the shit this bitch is worried about (or maybe you’re not thinking that at all lol) but fact of the matter is.. I AM BORED WITH MY LIFE… oh and may I also add… this week I also ordered some good LED lights for around my computer to start my youtube channel finally!!!! woop woop. I must say.. this week has over turned out to be a good week. I will share a pic of my new shoe closet on the bottom when I am done talking about my oH SO SUMMERY street style baby.. lol too much enthusiasm??? I THINK NOT. haha okay Im done.

So for summer I love skirts. The ones that are flowy, short and comfortable, especially in this damn heat. [Side note: I just realized I say “so” a lot to begin my sentences.. see where years of honors English and major and Law school leads you kids.. NO WHERE… HAHA jk stay in school]. SOOO.. I love to mix my color scheme and make colors work with one another yay. And this my fashionistas is what I put together..

p.s I AM WEARING suuuuppper mild make up  its like almost non existent.. just in case you were wondering if I was tired.. No, no I wasn’t tired I was just fucking hot lol (like temperature hot).

Outfit Details: #Zara top (bought last summer), #Marshalls skirt (thats right my booojy ass likes to bargain shop too), #celine bag. 



Up next.. My new shoe closet as promised!!!!!!


Still in progress… not yet completed and will still be moving this around to fit more shit…