And shes back!!!!

Hey guys… yes its time for another blog.. well it was time a while ago but I have been a bit busy these days! Well where do I start, I have been traveling the last month which was nice and draining all in one. However, I loved it!!!

Where I went? I went to Paris, London and back to Paris. Currently in Spain… blah!!! I will forever love Paris.. its such a beautiful city. Everytime I go there I feel like I just belong. Everything is so nice and clean and the stores guys are on point. I will say though.. I went back to Paris after my London trip and I was so exhuasted and I was so ready to leave. Its nice the first couple times but after it gets old… doesnt everywhere!!!!

L O N D O N… I loved it there. From the buildings to the stores to the people, the atmosphere… I loved it all… and omg the FUCKING FOOD.. YASSS. So let me share why loved London so much. Well for one everyone speaks english, clearly. All the tv channels are in english, the theaters, the people, the signs… I loved that.. so refreshing to hear my language being spoken on the daily again. Secondly I loved how multicultural the place was. I mean the place was packed with Arabs, Indians, Russians, Asians, Persians, Brits… it was so diverse and reminded me a lot of Los Angeles. Third, I loved that London had persian food resturants in every corner… I know thats weird but when you persian living in Los Angeles all youre life.. these fuckin things are nice to come by in another country… trust me!!!!! And do I even dare mention the shopping… who knew London was home to the wealthy.. I knew it was a high class place but man.. the Arabs have taken over that place.. I saw nothing but ferraris, Lambos, Rolls Roys and rang rovers.. I mean it was crazy… but I fucking loved it. The fashion was on point.. all the woman are extremely fashion foward and on point. I totally fit in. waaaagh. I mean realistically I miss LA more than anything but London felt so much like home I loved it. They had costco, they had whole foods, and almost everything else LA has…

By far one of my favorite places Ive visited and I have been to quit a few places.

P.S I ruined one of my favorite pair of Louboutins while there and lost my luggage which contained $20,000 worth of merchandise in it at the airport in Spain.. but luckly many hours later it was found!!! phewwwwww…

~My F A S H I O N while in London and more…~


The shoes I damaged wagggghhhhh… the brick floors in London are not heel friendly… IMG_3303IMG_3310IMG_3461IMG_3339IMG_3460IMG_3485IMG_3530IMG_3531IMG_3621IMG_3612IMG_3639IMG_3645IMG_3651IMG_3753IMG_3749IMG_3778IMG_3793