White Leather & Blues

Today I decided to pull out my white leather jacket. I got it a couple years ago and I can say Ive only worn it once.. well twice now! lol. To keep it real, I fucking hate leather jackets.. its one of those things where people either L O V E them or H A T E them and of course the rest of those people who are just “ohhhh I can careless” haha. I don’t like it because I just simply don’t think I can pull it off. Its just not me or my style. I feel like it makes my outfits look so classless.. omg I know that sounds fucking bad but this isn’t a blog to make others feel good its about fashion… about my fashion.. right!! I do however own a few leather Jackets and like this one they are collecting dust. I will probably just gift them to my sister when I see her lol! I will say though, sometimes when I wear them I actually think the outfit looks good and put together.. then I go out and walk into a store and see myself in the mirror and I am like damn this is all bad.. haha I just feel like the leather jacket is soooooo played out.. like is there anyone out there not doing the whole “leather jacket” look!!!! okay.. this wasn’t supposed to be about a fucking leather jacket haha.. my outfit today.. very casual, fun and simple. The shoes are the prized winner in this outfit. I got these immediately after I watched last years Victoria Secret show and all the models were wearing these Jimmy Choo heels.. I of course had to get them and they are just as beautiful in person and on my feet as they were on the models.

Outfit Details: Forever21 Shirt (got this a while ago) & Necklaces, Jennifer Lopez Leather Jacket (yea she makes some cute ass clothes), Diesel  Jeans, Celine Purse (one of my favorites) & Sunglasses, Jimmy Choo Shoes





Maison Valentino 16′

Hello. My name is Sonya and I am obsessed with Valentino. The clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, you name it.. I am all over it. He is my all time favorite designer as I mention ALL the time. He is one of very few designers who makes clothes for the woman to make her look effortlessly chic and feminine.. it seriously doesn’t get any better. The other day I finally added the RockStudded Flats that I have been eyeing for a long time now.. I was waiting for a dark leather color to come out and since majority of the RockStudded flats are patent leather I decided to wait for the new collection and mannnnnn am I glad I did. They are my favorite flats in my closet right now… yes.. my favorite!!! So excited to pair them with such a simple outfit today to give the outfit some pazzaaaz haha… to be honest though, I prefer these flats with a cute skirt or boyfriend shorts but the weather is not at that stage and I didn’t want to wait till then to pull Rock these RockStuds… whhhhhhattt!! haha

P.S I am looking for a photographer in Barcelona to take my OOTD pictures.. I love my husband but he fucking sucks at it.. lol sooooo if you are in Barcelona and want to take pics and get paid.. or you know someone who knows someone haha tell them to email me!!!

Outfit Details: YSL  Cardigan, ZARA Pants, Valentino RockStudded Flats (new collection), Ferragamo Purse, American Apparel Grey mens Shirt (yes I often shop in the mens section for the baggy shirts that I loveeee)




Street Style

Hey babes, today the weather in Barcelona is HEAVEN. If you are in Spain you already know whats up and if you’ve been to Spain you know whats up also… yah us Americans thought only California has amazing winter weather…wrong!!! Today my husband and I had to make a quick morning stop to the Swedish Embassy (yes I am Persian Swedish) to get him his residency which is much harder then I had anticipated… regardless.. any excuse to leave the house and look cute right!? Right! Ew I am so annoying right now.. asking and answering all at the same time haha!!

So my look today was super simple. For those who follow me on instagram and my blog (social media) know that I have a room full of heels and clothes, but what it really comes down to I am as basic as it comes. I love nothing more then a plain shirt with a cardigan and some comfortable high waisted jeans with FLATS! This ladies and gents is my everyday all day kind of outfit. I think it looks effortless and super chic.. and god knows I love both those… and did I mention how comfortable I am… always lol!

Outfit Details: Nordstrom Rack Green Shirt (which I have in every color and you see me wear very often.. I live in these during winter), Zara Cardigan, Gina Tricot Jeans (got these while in Sweden and they are one of my favorite jeans), Chanel Shoes, Hermes Purse






Today I felt so inspired by an outfit I saw Kylie Jenner wearing a couple weeks ago… except her outfit was neutral colors. I never in a million years thought I would pair a skirt with sneakers. I actually remember trying this exact look (different clothing) with sneakers and was like… wow this shit is so fucking ugly.. haha and changed to flats! But to my surprise today I thought it flowed to nicely, maybe its because the outfit is more winter and a thicker material as opposed to the summer one I tried to pull of last year haha. So basically this was a perfect way to look chic and comfortable all at the same damn time… if you haven’t been keeping up with my blogs.. I pretty much try to walk everywhere I go here so I can get in some cardio!!!!!! The weather wasn’t exactly very skirt friendly but like I always say…. #thuglife

P.S It was my first put together outfit with my new baby on my hands!!! YAS

OUTFIT DETAILS: ZARA  top and skirt (got this three days ago so it should definitely still be available in stores), HERMES  Bag, NIKE  Shoes 





The Orange That Gave Me the New Black

I am IN LOVE with my Birkin. It is seriously the perfect size and I have carried it out once already… (haven’t left my house for two days lol). The bag is so light weight and structured so well. I can fit more then I thought in there which is actually surprising. I initially thought when I opened the box that it was going to be a bit small for all the crap I throw in my purse (unnecessary crap that is) but it all fits comfortably AND I have plenty of room left! It is definitely going to be a lifetime bag. The leather is outstanding btw also!  I haven’t got a chance to really wear it out someplace where it requires me to get dressed up.. and by dressed up people.. I mean something aside from gym wear haha… so I haven’t been able to really take pictures outdoors with it and my outfit put together. But I have to make a run to Valentino today and if my lazy ass decides to look normal lol then I shall snap some photos.. otherwise.. yet another day will pass and no ootd will be posted. Ugh the weather is so fucking shitty I have like no inspiration or mood to get dressed. Andddddddd on top of it all the fuckin Patriots lost last night and I had a lot of money riding on them.. and they let me AND my husband down!!!! Assholes!!!! Anyways… that info was just a bonus haha! So I took some cute pics today because I wanted a more clear shot of the bag and the color on the inside… Not so sure I mastered the shot from inside BUTTTT as I always say… #thugLife


Does Size Really Matter?

Size of nails that is… lol! I have always wondered if the length of our nails makes a difference in a few things overall. Does it make you feel prettier? Does it make you’re fingers look slimmer? Does it represent our “fashion” and “style” like clothes do? Can we distinguish a character by it?…. I have always wondered and going back and forth with getting nails then removing them (because Im to fuckin lazy to get it fixed) then getting them again, off again, on again… yeah you get the point here lol!

Nails like everything else really do make one of the biggest statements about a person. Lets say for instance you come across a person with dirty finger nails with the black underneath and half the nail polish gone and half hanging on with its dear life (lol)… what do you think of a person when you see that.. Is it really wrong to judge and automatically think damn what a slob! Sometimes I think something as simple as nails can really say a lot about a person BUTTTTTT on the contrary, I also see a lot of girls with beautifully done nails with some cool design but her fashion is a mess.. can we win at everything we do… is it always one or the other?! or can we manage it all!!!

Hmm… Well I for one don’t really give a fuck! I used to.. when I was in LA my nails were done ON THE REGULAR.. and no I don’t mean, I don’t give a fuck as my nails are gross.. because they are always manicured but I have days where my Gel is chipping..and my outfit consists of gym clothes… were all human here right!!

But… I really do think the length makes a difference. It does make you feel sexier and prettier. It does make you’re fingers look slimmer and longer. It does represent you’re fashion and style like clothes do. And by the style we can definitely distinguish a character by it!!!! (Well at least thats what I think) Personally as much as I love long fake nails and get them twice a year, I typically prefer a nice short nail with gel color. To me that is more comfortable and classy!!!! TO EACH THEIR OWN.

Anyway.. this blog was inspired by my current short nails and my few months back long nails.. I was looking at the pictures and contemplating if I should go get nails put on again but then I wrote this… re read it and was like…. naaaaaaaahhhh I love my short nails!!! lol

What are you’re guys thoughts!!!???





PoP’ed my Hermes Cherry!

Yup… I have officially popped my Hermes cherry. My husband by some miracle was able to surprise me and pull something off without my snoopy ass finding out. lol and when I say snoopy I mean FBI status, like nothing goes unnoticed when I am around haha! So on our last trip to Paris while he was on “business” and I was strolling the streets alone..he went and custom ordered the Hermes bag that I have been wanting for ever now. He managed to do this without me finding out which was so cute. I always just wanted the simple black one but he took it a step further and got the inside custom made with Pink Leather… Because Im a black type of girl on the surface and a Pink girl within haha… the Pink is within youuuu! okay, I went out with my girlfriend for breakfast and when I got back home I had a pounding headache and just took a warm shower and laid in bed the rest of the day watching movies. After two movies and a few bottle waters later my lazy ass got up to use the bathroom and go into the kitchen to get a snack… AND THERE IT WAS… my husband standing over a beautiful 30mm Black Hermes bag…. I seriously thought I was dreaming. It even has the horseshoe on it because it was custom made. I don’t know if I was more excited about the bag or about the fact that my husband is the BEST fucking husband in the world!!!!!!!!!

I always wanted the 30mm because the 35mm is big and I have so many bags that are big and always thought that the 30mm was the perfect in-between size..and it is!!! YAAY!!!


P.S don’t mind my Pink house Robe. lol… #thuglife



Celine, Celine, Celine…

The tittle says it all. Today I woke up super early.. you know when its cold and you freeze sleeping in a short sleeve so the following night you sleep with a long sleeve and then you’re hot and irritated… like I can’t fucking win! Anways.. point is I couldn’t sleep so I got up and decided I am going to switch my purse for another purse today. I seriously stood in my purse collection and noticed that 95% of my purses are either a different tone of Grey or its Black and the other 5% are Louis Vuitton monogram. SO.. I thought this is a great excuse to go get in some cardio and hunt for the perfect accessory to transition into Spring/Summer! LET ME TELL YOU… I WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL.

I came across the most beautiful blue Celine bag.. and Ive noticed this season for Spring and Summer a lot of blue and denim is coming bag into style. I actually never been into the whole denim bag or shoes and I haven’t become into it thus far lol… but leather blue is mahhhh shitttt!!! This will match with almost everything in my closet that I wear the most during Spring and Summer and it is the perfect size. It was a great buy!!! My first blue bag.






Magic Diet.. bye 5 pounds

Okay so if you guys have been following my blog you know that I am always on the hunt to lose that extra 5 pounds. The key here for me is to actually keep it off. Ive noticed, although I love the gym… I gain so much muscle weight in my thighs very fast.. and personally I don’t like to be muscly. I used to run track & field and cross country for four years so since then every time I work out where I am running and bicycling I instantly get really muscly. Anyway.. I don’t know if you guys have heard about the Military Diet but lately I have a lot of people recommending that to me for a guaranteed 5 pound lose in three days. The diet is super strict and you have to follow it to a Tee. I really wanted to give it ago.. I even went and got everything for it but I recently went fully vegetarian and the diet consist hot dogs and Tuna which of course can be substituted but I don’t do Tofu so I have been kinda hesitant to try it. Regardless.. I have been trying to eat healthy and be active and drink a lot of water and tea but I can not manage to get down to where I was pre Barcelona!!! lol so yeah story of my fucking life.. I keep you guys posted on if I see any progress on this healthy life style vegetarian (kinda vegan) diet I am on. -I will forever remain vegetarian though-


Aside from that… I can’t wait till summer…… like hi, where are you!! hurry!!! I am in the process of finding a house with my husband and moving in two months to a bigger and better location. I realized in Barcelona a backyard and a pool is such a necessity in the summer heat here. When I move and am settled I will be doing a house and closet tour for you guys.. I get asked to do one pretty much all the time so I have given in and will be doing so!!!

Today I did some peaceful alone time and grabbed some tea and read a very interesting book my mom gave me about the Bahai faith!!! <– If you don’t know what the Bahai religion is.. click –> BAHAI and educate yourselves. Its very interesting.


So It was so cold today I just layered a bunch of shit and hoped it workout out… lol and it did.. of course!!!!



Layers on Layers…

on layers. I am wearing three layers!!! YES… the third layer is not visible in the picture buttttttt its there lol. So for those of you who have never been to Barcelona it is currently warmer then it is in Los Angeles… whatttt??!?! mmhmm.. the weather here is unreal. Seriously it feels like heaven when you step outside. Today I wore this outfit and burned throughout the day.. had to slowly taking some of these damn layers off lol. For winter it is surprisingly warm and I fuckin love it. Reminds me of back home but better.

Today I ran some errands and walked around just cuz I didn’t feel like going to the gym and when I don’t go to the gym I make sure I at least get a couple hours of walking done. Even though… I ate three donut pops and a starbucks chocolate chip cookie.. haha #thuglife!!! um what was I saying.. oh yea.. so back to my outfit. I recently love wearing sneakers with my outfits… I know its currently in style and I am actually kinda digging it. Nice change from wearing heels and I must say.. my feet have never been happier lol

P.S Zara is having its biggest sale of the year here in Spain… I came up on so many great summer clothes. So what I do is buy summer clothes that are either in the color neutral, black or white. That way no matter what the STYLE change is those pieces will always be okay to wear!!!! Go check the sale out ladies.. and gentleman.


Top underneath and Sweater on top & Pants from: Zara // Sneakers: Nike // Purse: Givenchy


Okay… um how cute are these freakin baby Stuart Weitzman Shoes.. they had so many other styles.. I saw them and melted!!! If you have babies or want to gift someone with babies go check their baby shoes out.. so cute //

Stuart Weitzman // They also have a really good sale going on for woman just in case you were wondering lol!!!