Set that A** on Fire with my Mexican Bean Soup!!(Vegan/Vegetarian friendly)

Hey loves… I am going to get straight into this blog because it will be a bit long.

My Mexican Bean Soup Recipe 

Disclaimer: This is a VERY spicy dish. If you can not handle spicy foods I do NOT recommend this recipe for you. Please keep in mind that this is MY way of making it and how “I” like it, feel free to modify anything you wish. Lastly, this dish requires multiple tissues and possibly a few tears. Make sure you try to remove as many of the chili peppers as you can when serving..and if you are sharing make sure you warn the guest… “you eat at you’re own risk”. 


1 pack pinto or black beans [pinto is yummier]

1 onion

2 cups cherry tomatoes 

7 medium carrots

3 garlic cloves

3 vegetable flavor cubes


1 Tlbs. Cumin 

1 Tlbs. Black Pepper

1 Tlbs. Oregano

1/2 Tlbs. Chili powder

1/2 Tlbs. Cayenne powder

5 mini dried red chili peppers


Soak the beans in a bowl over night. This process will reduce the cooking time in half and clean the beans. [I must say.. I enjoyed the pinto beans much more]. The following morning drain the beans and toss them into a hallow soup pot. Add 3 liters of water, it may seem like a lot but the beans will absorb a portion of it. Bring water to a boil on high heat. Add salt [as much or as little as you’d like. I add 1 Tlbs.]. Add the three flavor cubes and give it a good stir making sure the cubes are dissolved. Cover with a lid and set the heat to Medium-Low. Let this sit for about 35-40 minutes. During this time you can start preparing the rest of the ingredients. Chop the carrots into a size that you prefer making sure that they are all similar in size so they cook evenly. Then, chop the onion and garlic as fine as you possible can for best results. Chop the cherry tomatoes into 4s and once the 35-40 minutes has lapsed add in the wet ingredients. Once you have done so also add in all the dry spices. Give it a good stir, add the lid and let it simmer on Low-Medium (more low) heat for another 20 minutes. Let 5 minutes pass and sample the flavor to see if you want to adjust the salt..this would be the time!. Once 20 minutes has passed, sample a few beans and a few carrots..if it is cooked turn the heat off and let the soup stand for 10minutes to really absorb the heat. (Thats of course if you can wait 10 minutes because I couldn’t lol).

Congratulations, you have completed the soup and you are ready to enjoy the deliciousness. Add half a fresh squeezed lemon to it, grab a few tissues and ENJOY!!! 


P.S Refrigerate the left overs because the next day this will be 10x more delicious.. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 



Green Series!

Hey Loves.. yesterday I put together a super simple outfit. I am a black lover and all my outfits always contain some kind of black in it (unless its summer). However… I L O V E  green also. Not all green colors but that rich hunter green color that is just the perfect shade of green. I think that is almost neck and neck with black for me. Yesterday I wore some hunter green pants paired with a hunter green top that was maybe one shade different and topped it off with a denim jacket. First of all can I just mention that I am obsessed with denim jackets. Its funny because I used to hate them and love leather jackets and now my taste has completely switched! Weird!!! And if you know me you know I love a simple casual outfit. That will forever be my look. I don’t understand how some woman dress in heels EVERY SINGLE DAY.. like ouch!!! poor feet!!! 

Whats really exciting about this picture is that a two weeks ago these pants didn’t pass my ass. I used to wear these on my super skinny days comfortably and since my slight weight gain they didn’t fit anymore… so sad. Now that I have lost 4 pounds anddddd counting.. these finally fit again. I was sooooo excited. Still a little tight but #thuglife

OUTFIT DETAILS: H&M pants (these are not the same but similar), NORDSTROM RACK Shirt (same material and look)CONVERSE Shoes, LOUIS VUITTON Bag (exact bag)




School girl look OR Fuck no look!The one trend I can’t decide on.

Hey Loves… this look… this trend.. still even a trend? who knows and who the fuck cares because we do what makes us feel good at the end of the day. Have you ever wore an outfit thats “in style” but so not your style and to keep up with the latest fashion trends and fit in.. you feel uncomfortable the entire day?! well if you have done that.. welcome to the club. Been there done that! I always say I am my own person and dress to my mood.. legit I dress to my mood lol… (no my mood isn’t dark or angry since I am always in black haha I just love black because it makes you look thinner and more classy in any type of black.. almost.. well kinda.. ahhh wtv). This look I have always tried on, taken off, tried on, taken off. I can not begin to tell you guys how many fucking long socks and stockings I have gotten to try to pull this look off. It just never seems to work. Honestly, I think its because Im just short and don’t have long legs.. I have a longer mid section (umm which I prefer). Also, I really only imagine the knee high socks on those Russian tall thin ass girls you see on you’re instagram feed that for some reason always have a new batch of roses in every other pic hahahahha OR on Asian girls because they are soooooo petite (which I envy btw). I always thought these are the only people that can pull this sock look off!!! 

Today guys… I did it again AND I loved it. Instead of pulling my socks all the way up, I just crunched them by my shoes down below. Also I paired it with a super mini skirt which I typically NEVER wear.. not into that ass creepin out look!!! 

Nevertheless, my outfit was pretty cool. It amazes me how I hate something for so long and all the sudden its like wtf why have I never done this! Its good to keep trying something even after the 10th time of failing because one day you might make it work and realize… DAMN I LOOK FINE! #accomplished 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara Shirt (got this shirt in Los Angeles last year), American Apparel Skirt, Chanel Shoes, Valentino Bag 





Black is Life!

Hey loves. Today I am doing some major shopping before I leave Barcelona. I am going to a place where the weather doesn’t get any cooler than 90 Degrees and its super humid. I won’t be taking all my long sleeves and majority of my clothes will be left behind. So I realized I literally have 10 pairs of tank tops and a couple dresses and shorts. I mean.. I don’t want to take my brand name stuff that are super expensive because I know they will get damaged and I will be doing a lot of outdoor activities and I def don’t want to wear my good shit… yah know!!!

Omg I finally found my Navy blue Celine Nano.. and I am on my way to go get that.. life will be complete with it.. kinda wish it was in a bright color but they are so limited here in Spain (Barcelona). So I will resort to the the navy blue #thuglife (I will share the things I got in tomorrows blog)

On todays Shopping adventure I am wearing: Saint Laurent Shirt, Zara pants, Chanel Shoes, Hermes Bag

(The links I added are where you can find the item OR similar items because I got mine a few months back and aren’t available) 

P.S Thank you guys for all the love… you are fucking Awesome!!!





Valentines Day Streetstyle!

HOLD ON… can we just acknowledge the fact that I posted TWICE today. This is so unlike me haha.. but I couldn’t wait to post these outfit pictures till tomorrow because its for today.. and today is Valentines day!! Sooo HAPPY V-DAY, for those single people… don’t worry you aren’t missing out… being married on valentines day and being single is pretty much the same exact thing. You eat a home cooked meal and watch some TV.. at least in my marriage.. I guess the only difference between being single and married today is that married women get a gift and single people don’t.. lol but still you aren’t missing out.

I typically don’t dress for the “occasion” ever on holidays like this. I think its a bit tacky but I actually really loved my outfit. Most my shoes are Red bottoms so I couldn’t help but match it with a cute hearted red sweat shirt. Figured I usually don’t wear it and today would be the perfect day to do so. Glad I did cuz it worked. If you are planning a date night or going out for drinks with friends here is what I put together for some inspo.. super simple, girly and fun.


OUTFIT DETAILS: This sweater I got online from my sisters online store when she had it so I can’t really say exactly where its from but I believe you can find it on EBAY.. just type hear sleeved sweatshirt, H&M skirt, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Heels 




YouTube FAIL! -beauty

Youtube… I started youtube a few months ago and I was like okay this is my shit… I am going to make hundreds of videos and become a youtube sensation.. hahahahaha NOT! I didn’t realize how much time and effort filming a video takes. What people watching see in 15min takes about an hour to film and about 4 hours to edit lol. But I didn’t mind it. I really enjoyed it and it kinda went from strictly makeup videos to all kinds of videos. Recently I have been getting more subscribers and I thought okay its time to make another video, considering a month had lapsed since my last one. Soooooo I set up all the lights and camera and blah blah blah… I filmed a 45 minute fuckin video only to HATE IT.

Hahah so let me say why I hated it. I was like happy dandy the first half of the video.. and then the second half I was like omg why am I so ugly right now..lmao. YES this happens to us all at some point in our life. Well for me its often. People assume because I get so many compliments I am the most confident person alive.. and most the time I am because I am happy within, but last night I had a moment guys.. I looked at the projector and was like damn I look so fucking ugly, pale and fat right now haaha.. so after crying for about 10min I just closed my camera without shooting and intro and walked out!!!! LOL I am fucking crazy I know but I am real and I am human. I don’t want to come off as fake and yaaaaay I am perfect cuz I am far from it. We all have our moments and I wanted to share that last night was mine… to be honest Id much rather be in New York for fashion week than shooting a Youtube video…..COMMON FASHION PEOPLE SEND ME ALREADY!! haha


Of course.. had I filmed an Intro I would have probably uploaded the video today because I snapped out of that shit real quick!! and that ladies and gents is how the cookie crumbles.. in a girls world at least!!!

Here is the look I was supposed to share but didn’t… 



P.S If you look closely at the pic above you will spot a WHITE FUCKIN STRAND OF HAIR… Im getting old!!!!





OverAlls To Go!!

If you don’t LOVE a good pair of overalls we can no longer be friends! Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls. They literarily give me life.. .let me tell you why! Overalls are the only item inside you’re closet that is one piece and can be worn many ways and many places with LITTLE TO NO EFFORT! I love fashion but I also love Fashion that is fab and simple at the same time. There is a reason overalls go and come and go and come BUT always come.. they are always relevant. Its like a cheesecake, it will always be relevant and as much as we want to hate to eat it we still want eat it!!!! HAHAH that didn’t make sense did it lol. Anyway, you get it. So this item can be worn casually with sandals or dressed up with heels. Both look amazing and to be honest what you wear underneath as a shirt doesn’t really matter as long as its not a fucking turtle neck! Don’t you hate it when people wear turtle necks the wrong way and think its cute… ya, NO.

Yesterday the soldier that I was, I decided to leave the house and go do some travel shopping. I ended up taking a coat as well of course because its cold here in Barcelona. Having to do bathing suit shopping when its cold outside because to try it on you have to take 50 layers off to try the damn thing on then put all that shit back on and by the time you walk out the store you’re ON FIRE! lol I’m so random I know!

OUTFIT DETAILS; ZARA overalls.. I linked their new 2016 overalls that I need to go buy, shirt and boots, Saint Laurent  Classic medium monogram college bag




Sun Kissed!..almost

I was going through some older photos of Spring during my stay in Barcelona. Its still so bitter sweet to me that I am leaving this place. I really hope we end up coming back and settling down here because it is such a great place to start a family and to settle! I mean… really nothing will ever be as HOME as Los Angeles to either of us but in terms of raising kids and living life to the fullest this is the place. I can’t believe I hated this place when I first got here.. and now I am sad I’m leaving… what!!! Well Im kinda happy at the same time because I am getting pretty used to CHANGE in life and have been enjoying going from country to country and experiencing all these new and different cultures. I guess I should be super grateful because most people haven’t even left their home town their entire life.

Okay sooooooo where am I moving to… thats the big question.. I really want to just say it but I also want to just get there and snap some amazing fucking photos and share it like that… you know like a IM HERE BITCHEZZZ… lol. Yeah!! I will say though, it is a tropical place and it doesn’t get colder then 85 degrees all year round! YYYYAAAASSSSS… sun kissed up the ass.. haha

While it was springish summer here I utilized it and wore all the skirts sitting in my closet. This look however was my most liked on social media for some reason. Maybe it was the color combo or the whole look put together. Needless to say.. I loved it and felt pretty wearing it.. and when you wear something that makes you feel pretty, I assure you.. you look pretty!!!! *that made sense right lol…in my mind it did.

p.s I must say I did this whole braided hair thing last year before it became so damn popular!!!! just so we don’t assume I am copying others!! ya dig!!!







Let me ask you guys… Do you ever get so bored that you’re like “hmmm I’m about to take a shower so let me go all out and do my makeup just to make sure I still look bomb AF”… its not just me right!!???!?!? lol (I know I don’t stand alone)

I  figured I typically never wear this much makeup anymore and if I do its for a nice night out, date night or some event or some shit.. aside from that I barely even apply foundation these days.. its concealer, set it, mascara and I am out the door! Therefore, today I was like Im gonna go wash my face right after anyway so let me just make sure I still got this whole makeup thing in the bag… not that I doubted myself but for some reason us girls always need to be reassured of our amazing qualities and talents hahaha!!! (ya, I know I don’t stand alone on that one either) lol. Anwayway.. I honestly loved the outcome. I actually missed spending 40 minutes doing my makeup.. even though I hate washing it all off.. but like most things its a love hate relationship so #thuglife.

Get ready for the list because its fucking long


[FACE] L’oreal Paris True Match shade W4, Nars Radian Creamy Concealer shade Medium Custard & Vanilla mixed, Mac Matchmaster concealer shade 7.5 to contour, Kat Von D palette to set my face: under eyes Lyric and contour Shadowplan, Mac powder for under eyes shade Hot Sensation [this is the best shit I have ever used], Bobbi Brown highlight shade Pink Glow [this is brand new and amazing]

[EYES] Urban Decay Naked Palette3: 1. Base shade Mugshot 2. Crease shade Blackheart, Mac eyeliner color Black Brilliance, Delipus liquid liner shade Black, Mac eye shadow shade Folie [used this under my eyes to darken the look..this shadow is perfect for that], Kleancolor lashes #16, Anastasia Beverlyhills Brow Pencil shade dark brown [LOVE]




Outfit INSPO! 16′

Hey my babes. I have been so stressed the past few days with packing and finding storage and getting the dogs ready for import into another country that isn’t within the EU like FML… I am starting to get less and less excited about moving so far away… again!!! Aside form all this bs.. I have been so cold the past few days.. like showering twice a day just so I can stand under the warm water type shit.. and yesterday it was fucking freezing so instead of going out I did my first outfit inspo pic.. meaning if I WAS to go out that day and it was a few degrees warmer this is what I would have thrown on! But you already knew what it meant so moving on… lol

I decided to pull out my ripped jeans. Now, I have many ripped jeans and these happen to be my most ripped and `boyfriend’ style jeans. Typically I don’t do the whole boyfriend style thing because I feel no matter what I do I still end up looking like I either took a shit in my pants OR I just look like a straight man!!! lol.. a handsome man that is!!! lol.

okay.. writing this I am realizing I don’t thin a lot of things look good on me.. yet I always try to wear it anyway.. haha…if you read my leather jacket post you know what I am talking about lol White Leather Blues 

I paired my jeans with my husbands sweater. Am I the only girl who loves wearing mens over sized sweat shirts. I am obsessed. I literally walk into mens Zara before I search the woman section because mens shit is soon much nicer and I love pairing it with super skinny jeans and heels YYYYYYAAAAAASSSSSS!!! p.s my husband hates when I touch his neatly color coordinated clothes hahaha.



Burberry  Cashmere Sweater, Zara jeans, these aren’t the same but similar, Christian Louboutin  So Kate 120mm heels… so want these in white, Chanel  Boy Bag