French Macaron Recipe for Beginners

Literally starting this post by saying LITERALLY… took me three back to back failed attempts to get these suckers to bake pretty perfectly. Appearance for me is very important but it can look as beautiful as you like but if it tastes like shit… well then your not going to make some bellies very happy!!! Even though my amazing husband ate the first few failed attempts lol.. it still wasn’t working out to well for me. I just couldn’t figure it out and I read nearly 30 other recipes and even watched videos. So I did what I do best when I want something to come out GOOD. I stopped following what everyone else was doing and saying and winged it writing everything down along the way.. and to my surprise it came out amazing. Now, I’m not saying that this is the BEST way or the RIGHT way.. everyones oven is different and mixing skills are different and weight measurements are different. But this worked for me and it may just work for you.. what I will tell you about this recipe however though is that its super super EASY! No complications or other bs fillers. Okay enough talking…

To watch along as you make these click the link –––> French Macaron Tutorial

Ingredients For Macaron Cookie (for best results use a scale)

  • 200g Icing sugar
  • 120g Almond Flour
  • 30g Granulated Sugar
  • 3 Egg whites
  • Food coloring and Vanilla options

Ingredients For Filling (Ganache)

  • Milk Chocolate of choice
  • 3 Tbsp Heavy whipping cream/cooking creme


  • In a bowl SIFT together almond flour and sugar. Be sure to sift this once or twice to make sure there is absolutely no lumps of almond! Set aside
  • In another bowl whisk together egg whites till foamy and pale. Add in sugar in two parts and continue whisking on full speed till fluffy and tripled in size (stiff peaks). This is the time to add in Flavoring and Food coloring. Whisk again just enough to combine the flavor and color.
  • Fold in the wet into dry in two parts. Do not whisk. Fold this in very slowly and diligently. You want to keep the air that was whipped into the egg whites.
  • Keep folding till you have reached the ribbon stage or as some call it.. lava stage. This is when you pick up your spatula and the mixture is thick and folds on itself like a ribbon.
  • Place the batter into a piping bag/ziplock bag and cut a small hole at the tip
  • On a baking sheet make small circles leaving an inch and a half space between each cookie. Once you have piped on the cookies.. Pick up your baking tray and bang it, slam it, pound it.. on the counter a few times to remove any access air bubbles. VERY IMPORTANT STEP! I noticed that the air bubbles are what make the top crack and break..if you see any bubbles that didn’t pop while banging you a small sharp object and poke them out manually.
  • Let me sit for 15 to 20 minutes till the top is firm to the touch. (touch the batter gently, if there is no batter on you finger they are ready to go into the oven)
  • Place the macarons in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes on 160 C. This may take a few tries to get right for some ovens are different then others.
  • Once time has lapsed, remove them of the tray and let them fully cool for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile you can make the ganache. In a bowl heat together chocolate and cream. Stir it till its nicely combined and the chocolate is fully melted. Place this into the fridge to slightly harden
  • Once ganache has hardened add it to a piping bag and fill the bottom of one macaron and place another on top GENTLY pressing them together.

That is it. Very few ingredients and once you get the hang of it.. its also one of the easiest to make. So satisfying also if I may say so myself.  hahaha Hope you guys give this a try and be as creative as possible. Enjoy!



The “Rules” of Being a Fashion Blogger

The rules? Are there actual rules for those who are trying to become a fashion blogger?!

Lets analyze this a little. Since I am in the category of wanting to become the ultimate fashion blogger.. where I attend all the fashion shows and sit amongst all the girls who are doing and have been successful doing what I am now trying to do. #motivation. But in the Fashion Blogger world are their rules? If I can be honest here.. I personally don’t give a shit about what you must look like or put out to be a big time blogger. I mean, there are very few F.B that I look to for inspiration because you can really tell they are just being themselves and not trying to hard.

Lets discuss what I think the rules here might be. Have you ever come across a F.B Instagram pictures and realized OR thought.. wow everything is so color themed.. does this person not own any colored clothes outside of nudes and Does this person ever eat the way I do.. like a fucking pig?!! or is everything always avocado toast with a side of some green shit smoothie.. or perhaps a green kale salad with quinoa haha.. Are these “rules” or are these things they are really doing. Well.. clearly they are obviously doing these things.. no one orders a bs kale salad to just toss in the trash.. they are going to eat it, BUT.. that kale salad was most likely planned in their head before even arriving to that lunch spot. A blogger.. F.B, will plan something out in their head.. something that meets the Social media vibe they are keeping up on their Instagram and whatever fits that theme.. that is where they will go eat and what they will order!! I mean if you really pay attention.. in Los Angles most successful food spots are “Instagram photo” worthy. But does this mean they don’t eat that pizza or sloppy burger.. or maybe even order steak or chicken… of course they do, they just don’t post that picture because it doesn’t fit in with their social media theme. Same shit with clothes. I personally hate when I see ZERO colors on someones social media accounts. After a while, fifty posts of just soft pinks and beiges and grey.. that shit gets so repetitive, what happened to the vibrant colors in life. Are these rules? I kinda think its a mental rule that most F.B feel they need to apply to keep a following or grow their following. Maybe thats why I haven’t been growing so rapidly. Because I just love color lol. I love to post pictures that I like.. not giving a f^%$ what my background is, or where I’m eating.. I want those following me to feel the realness behind my pictures. Honestly there is only 1 F.B that is the same way and has managed to reach 1million followers by doing so.. and for that I commend her!!! #goals.

In a society where everyone is doing the same… sometimes being different will make you stand out and shine!!! Be your own rule maker and focus on the beautiful things in life.. my motto!!

Also, just uploaded a new Video on my Channel. I am answering my Snap questions and keeping it real!!! If you haven’t checked it out.. click the link and BAM!!!!



Stripes and why I always buy them

To be honest with you guys, I don’t exactly have the answer for that question. I truly never did understand why my love for striped clothes are so beastly. I always seem to find myself trying them on and always picking them over solid colored clothes… probably because of the chic vibe I feel it gives and outfit. I kinda always correlated stripes with chic polo even type vibe.. if that makes sense. Yesterday I tried something new however. I paired a striped shirt with striped shorts. I saw a girl on the street doing that and it kind of inspired me to give it a go also. To wear the same pattern for both top and bottom scares me sometimes but I also really enjoy trying new things and simply just not giving a fuck! I mean, its not the end of the world right.. if you don’t like the look simply just take the darn thing off. To my surprise I actually really liked the look. I didn’t end up wearing it out though because the shorts were a bit to short for me and Ive just never been into the whole show the world my asscheeks type of look. Ha! But I am now on the hunt for the perfect striped bottom.. this is also going to be a fairly easy task considering stripes this season are everywhere and the trending thing. #LOVE.

  • Outfit Details: Top and Bottom from H&M
  • Hat: H&M
  • Sunglasses: Pull & Bear

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Street Style for Summer Heat

With this blazing heat going on these days, its honestly very difficult to style a SIMPLE on the go outfit but still look cute. What I typically love to do when it is super hot outside is to wear my favorite high waisted Levis with a regular top, add a belt and just run out the door. The high waist vibe accompanied by a belt of your choice gives the look more style.. as if you stood in front of your closet and thought the outfit out. I mean if you have no life like me..well then I guess waisting time isn’t such a bad thing to do lol.. but most people have jobs and a on the go lives (jealous lol) and therefor don’t have time to linger and try on a million things. This will allow you to look stylish and cool.. to say the least, and it suits all body shapes and types., Honestly though.. anything high waisted does that for all woman. I mean.. can you imagine a life without HIGHWAISTED pants, skirts, shorts.. etc.. what a sad wardrobe that would be haha. 

Muffin top and Love handle ladies.. where you at? Im right there with you.. lol!! 





3 Outfits for UNDER $100… girls cheap guid to trendy fashion!!!

Now a days.. I feel like every other day there is a new trend happening or you walk into a store love something and buy it, regret it two days later because more things were added to their collection. Well, at least thats how I am lol. What does this have to do with the topic at hand.. good fucking question lol. I swear I get side tracked so easily. Basically what I am trying to say here is that I think and KNOW it is very possible to stretch your hard earned cash and make the most of the items you add to your closet. Turn 3 Dresses into multiple different looks and use them for day OR night. Why be limited right. So here is what I did right?!!! I just filmed a video of three dresses that I purchased UNDER $60 dollars guys… yes thats UNDER SIXTY DOLLARS… haha I love to be extra! but really, its true.. and all these dresses can be worn during the day with sandals or dressed up with heels and some fab accessories. Want to see how…??? But of course you do. I mean the second dress I share.. its worth the watch!

Here… right here… click the link and watch away and be amazed (haha again, being extra). 

Affordable Dresses



Your welcome!!!!


Wide Leg Jean Trend… dig it?

I must say… to my own surprise actually, I DIG IT. I just got the coolest pair for myself the other day. I typically don’t vibe with the new trends these young celebs are wearing but I am all for this old school 80’s trend. I have always loved a good wide leg, as some refer to as boot leg lol.. right, anyway.. I love the trend. I always loved a wide leg high waisted pant with high heels though, I just think that makes you look so long and skinny and just chic.. but this new wide leg above the ankle trend… YUP, DIGGING IT. So the jeans I got, I can’t wait to style them in so many ways when I get bak to LA. Every time I buy a new pair of clothes or shoes.. in my mind I literally style it a hundred different ways, how ill wear it, with what, where, when..colors, patterns.. you name it.. its like I get this freaking vision board of looks I am going to style with the item in my head as I am buying and after I have bought. Does anyone else do that??? lol.

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Summer Dresses under $100

Hey guys.. if you have been following me for some time you know that Zara is the love of my life.. I mean I’ve always loved it but since living in Spain the past two years I have learned to adore it. Why? Well Zara is from Spain. The founder is Spanish and opened his first store in this country. That means that in every corner of Barcelona there is a Zara. Now, comparing Zara in the States to Zara in Spain.. world apart. Zara in Spain is half the price and has a much bigger collection with much nicer things and options. Zara in the States is double the price (since its not made in America) and doesn’t have the same quality goods… its almost as if they send all their crap left over to America. Trust me, I’ve lived through both and have much knowledge lol.

Now that my Zara rant has come to an end lol.. I love to shop affordable clothes. Yes, I splurge on shoes and bags (accessories) but when it comes to clothes I love to get high fashion for low cost and Zara makes this very doable. I have a small section in my closet with my Valentino and Chanel dresses but do I use them the way I do my Zara clothes, absolutely not. I prefer buying affordable so every season I can simply update everything without worrying to much about the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on the clothes.. ya feelz me? lol. Okay so, a few tips.. when buying on a budget.. get neutral colors. Colors that can be paired with more bold accessories and get things that can be worn in a few different ways. Stretch that dollar, thats what its ultimately all about. So, what I do is I buy white tank tops or black, tan, grey… so that way I can wear them with almost every kind of bottom.. and as far as dresses I do pretty much the same. Once those neutral colors are out the way then feel free to buy the colorful shit.

Wow.. this Zara rant came out to too long haha..  am I the only person who gets so into my thoughts and feelings I get side tracked and into a completely different topic lol. Side note and totally unrelated to the topic: its 8am and I’ve had the outside chocolate of 4 ice cream sticks.. ugh!!

okay.. Zara… so today I will film on my youtube Channel Sonya Sed , 3 looks under $100 for summer so tomorrow be sure to look out for that as I will try the clothes on and model my ass around for you to see!! But for now, below is 1 of those dresses that I got and it cost under $30 which is fantastic. This dress is so flowy and airy and can be dressed down with sandals or dressed up with heels and a nice red lip on a night out on town!!! Thats the type of shit you want to go for! 1 dress, two ways to wear it. Day AND Nights.


Persian Kebab with Salad Shirazi over Buttered Bread

Hey guys… so if you watch my youtube Channel Sonya Sed you know that I absolutely love to cook and bake. Its just my thing you know.. like we all have our “thing” and this is mine. For me cooking or baking is more then just feeding my family.. it genuinely makes me happy. I feel so relaxed and in my own world when I am in the kitchen, its where I feel disconnected with the world and in tune with my own.. its amazing. I love to try new flavor combinations, make dishes from other ethnicities, make dishes that make my pallet explode…and within it all.. never forgetting to add my own personality.. food with a kick of Sonya. LoL.

On you youtube channel linked above, I share a step by step video of how to make this meal. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you love meat or middle eastern food.. this dish won’t disappoint.. I promise!! On the Blog however I will write down ingredients needed and instructions.. That way you can just print this out and follow along while watching my video to make sure you have no failures. haha lets get to it.


  • 500g ground beef/burger meet
  • 2 white onions
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon Turmeric
  • 2 Lemons
  • Salt/Black Pepper
  • optional: Sabzi powder
  • Salted Butter
  • Flat bread of choice


  • In a large bowl grate 1 onion and remove the excise liquid.
  • Add in ground beef
  • Add in Turmeric, Salt (generous amount) and Pepper
  • With your hand mix them altogether as you would a dough.
  • In a non stick pan spread the meat flat making sure it is even in size so it cooks at the same time. Cut the Kebab into 4 sections, this step is very important because it acts as a ventilation for the meat to cook properly and so it doesn’t puff up and form   a disaster. (Watch video to see how I did this).
  • Add the pan over high heat and let it fry for about 1 to 2 minutes covered till the water from the meat is cooked through.. once this time has lapsed add in about 60ml of water.. not much. Cover on low heat and let this slowly cook for 45min, if you feel it is getting dry add in more water in small segments. Once time has lapsed, flip the Kebab and cut in 1 tomato adding this around it. Cover and let sit on very low heat for another 10minutes. Depending on how well done you like your meat, feel free to cut into it and see how you like it. My husband likes his meat very very well done so I generally cook it for much longer. Once cooked, in a dish add flat bread of choice with some butter over top, add in the kebab and tomatoes and cover with another buttered bread. Seal it with foil.. allowing all those meat and tomato juices to seep into the buttered bread.


  • In a salad bowl cut in, 2 tomatoes, Cucumber and 1 onion. When you cut them, try to cut them all into the same size so you get an equal bit full of each rather then a larger piece of onion or tomato. Once cut, add in the juice of 1 and a half or 2 lemons depending on size.. disregarding the seeds for this will give a slight Bitter taste to the juice. Add in salt, pepper and Sabzi flakes if you wish.. that is completely optional. Give it a good mix and let it sit for 30min in the fridge.. or not lol.. if your impatient like me.. and enjoy!!!! 



Easy breezy summer looks. 0 effort, maximum use!

Summer is all about flowing dresses, shorts and amazing tans. Typically every summer I love to do the most.. and by most I mean, styling my summer outfits and making life very complicated. Now, complicated is good at times but I have found that sometimes the most simple items for summer is not only so much more convenient but just much more practical.. ESPECIALLY when traveling. I do travel a lot and during my past few trips.. I pack items that have multiple uses. A skirt that I can dress up and walk around town with that also turns into a by the beach|pool skirt to cover my ass if I want to walk around. Same thing with my bathing suits and shoes, even my hair. Thank goodness one piece bathing suits are super stylish… for one I freaking love them, so chic.. and two its the best to wear and not have to worry about a top. Simply just throw on your shorts or skirt over it and BAM SHAZAM you have got yourself a simple..0 effort outfit at its maximum use. Brilliant! I know!