Wide Leg Jean Trend… dig it?

I must say… to my own surprise actually, I DIG IT. I just got the coolest pair for myself the other day. I typically don’t vibe with the new trends these young celebs are wearing but I am all for this old school 80’s trend. I have always loved a good wide leg, as some refer to as boot leg lol.. right, anyway.. I love the trend. I always loved a wide leg high waisted pant with high heels though, I just think that makes you look so long and skinny and just chic.. but this new wide leg above the ankle trend… YUP, DIGGING IT. So the jeans I got, I can’t wait to style them in so many ways when I get bak to LA. Every time I buy a new pair of clothes or shoes.. in my mind I literally style it a hundred different ways, how ill wear it, with what, where, when..colors, patterns.. you name it.. its like I get this freaking vision board of looks I am going to style with the item in my head as I am buying and after I have bought. Does anyone else do that??? lol.

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