Top knot hair bun Spring/Summer trend 

I recently cut my hair about 8inchs shorter… WHAT?!!!? Yeah I legit internally cried on the inside as she was cutting away. I swear hair dressers get a thrill of cutting long ass hair short. I mean… I guess I can kinda relate; being that when I was younger I would only buy barbies with long hair so I could go home and give them a short hair cut myself lol.. I know a few of you reading this did the same exact thing!! Sighhh*

Well now that I have such shorter hair, which I am loving, styling it has become much more different. First obvious difference is how much faster and easier it is.. also loving, but what I love the most right now is the half top knot bun. I tried this look with my long hair but because my hair is so thick it looked horrible. Now that my hair is short it looks so good. 

The top knot half way bun I feel is going to be a big hit this summer. I already see the younger celebs doing it and I see it on the runway so I am excited to do this more often. Quick tip on the perfect top knot; when parting the top to make a bun out of it, make sure you leave your side burns hanging down. This gives it a more effortless youthful look as opposed to it looking to put together like you tried. I really think that the more natural look, the look that you didn’t try hard (but you did lol) look is happening this coming season transitioning into summer. The naked makeup, glowing skin, full bushier brows, blush tones and wavy effortless looking hair dues! <– do’s! (Which ever way it’s spelled)! 

Holding my favorite perfume by Tom Ford; Black Orchid

Let me know what you think of this style and if you have any other recomendations. 



Let’s talk Hair. Go “long” or go home!?

I have had long hair pretty much my whole life. With the exception of my younger days when my mom would turn me into a boy with the hair cuts she would get me sighh*. I think that scared me for life and now I am just terrified to go short. Or am I? 

I LOVE short hair. And honestly if I had smooth sleek hair that wasn’t so thick I would have cut it all off a long time ago. My shortest length was a little under my shoulders a couple years ago and I loved it (feelings were not mutual as far as my husband goes lol). Short hair is so chic in my opinion. I think it pulls a look together so nicely and just screams mature. Okay without trying to offend anyone here… long hair is only nice when you have full voluminess  hair that is healthy. I see so many grow their thin brittle dead hair long and it completely ages the person. Hair like that should be cut short with full of mixed layers and only blow dried. YAS! 

Nonetheless there are some cons to long hair. It’s very difficult to maintain. It gets stuck everywhere. It’s annoying to sleep with. It uses up two bottles of conditioner a month (which is a lot for me) and it’s super heavy. So I’m pretty conflicted as if to cut it short and take that leap into the short hair club again!!?!? 

Before I leave let me give you my major tips for long healthy hair for those of you seeking to achieve just that.

  1. ONLY wash your hair once a week
  2. Do NOT flat iron your hair. Use a blow drier and wait till your hair is damp-dry NOT wet
  3. Use a good argon oil on the tips of your hair after showers and after blow drying. 

I mean really guys, invest in a good shower cap and use it. You will love the results, I swear by it. 

[pic of me with my shortest length hair if your curious —> Fashionbloggertogo Instagram 



Makeup: BAKING tips

Hey guys… Okay so let me tell you. If you are trying to keep your makeup on all freaking day then you are about to read the right blog. If you are going to do an event or going on date night, clubbing, bday party or just want to impress people with ur flawless face then you need to bake and buff!!! People think just baking and leaving the lose powder sitting on ur face it will do the trick. NOOO ur wrong. Here’s what you NEED to be doing… Once you have applied ur foundation, concealer and pressed powder… Take ur translucent powder and apply it under ur eyes and around ur mouth and contour. Right away dust it off. It doesn’t need to sit there for ever idk why girls do that. Dust it off and apply ur highlighter and blush. Once you have done that… This is the trick that really makes shit amazing. Take a buffing brush and your pressed powder and buff it into ur skin with circular motions, get that pressed powder really into your skin. Yes guys… This step is over the highlighter and blush but believe me your face will look FLAWLESS and PORELESS needless to say it will look amazing in photos. 

P.S for girls that are my skin color.. Do NOT use a white or yellow powder to set the under eye. You want to use a pinkish powder to set the under eye because it eliminates all the black and really stands out more!!! 



Makeup Details [making your nose slim] 😳 

Hey guys, everyone knows that contouring makes the biggest difference when it come to makeup! But do we really have to heavily highlight and contour to achieve a slimmer nose and more defined cheek bones!!??! I THINK NOT… Haha. Okay guys… I have been so fuckin lazy lately. When I do full glam it’s like WoW I have accomplished something today lol.. 

So yesterday I put some music on (Havana nights soundtrack YAS!) and started my makeup. I loved the turn out. I legit blew up my snapchat yesterday., because when makeup is on FLEEK it’s got to be known and shown. LoL. 

Okay my trick to a lifted slim nose. What I do is take an eyeshadow brush and my bronzer (Benefit Hoola) and make two very VERY light narrow lines going down the sides of my nose. Then I make a light line across to give it that bubble look as well and do bronze under by my nostrils. Once I have done this I then use my MAC NC5 powder to draw a line in the middle and on the tip. Once you do all this just lightly with your powder brush slightly blend it all in for the most natural look!!!!!! If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I will do a blog post with step by step pictures to show how it’s done…. Yeah I am that nice!! What can I say. Hahaha… Jk! 

Oh and don’t forget to use a nice golden (white undertone) highlighter with the same shadow brush pick some up and apply it ONLY on the tip of the nose and from between the brows straight down. but make sure you don’t connect that line with the tip of ur nose. Gives a much nicer illusion. 



Long Lashes.. My secrets

Hey guys… I have been very sharing this week haha sharing all my tips and tricks and secrets. Well I really wanted to share how I achieve such long healthy lashes. Fortunately I was born with nice thick lashes but they haven’t always been as long as I’d like. They go through these weird fucking stages where it’s like damnnnn lashes on FLEEK….to damn wtf happened…. Haha yea well if you are having these issues then don’t worry because I will share the easiest tip for you to help grow them and keep them healthy. 

Just like your hair the follicles of your lashes produce essential oils to promote hair growth. But if you are anything like me and can’t live without a day of mascara well then you are really damaging the core of your lashes. What I do? Well I learned this from my mom who learned it from her mom. Basically go to a store that carries authentic natural oils and pick up natural Argon oil OR Caster oil. Yup! That’s it! What you do!? So every night before you go into bed after you’ve washed your face, take a Q-tip and dab it into the oil (very little. It goes a log way) and just press it into the lash follicles. Do this every single night for two weeks and you will see such a drastic difference guys. Seriously. Imagine making a habit out of it and doing it for months. WOWZA. This is so much better than fake glued lashes and all that garbage. Be patient and just watch what can happen. 

Also: this remedy world just as well applied on your eyebrows if you are missing hair. It takes longer but it happens. 



Long Hair Tips and Tricks 😳

Hey guys so I get sooo many questions about my hair and to do tutorials but nothing is like a full blog about it giving my secrets away. Haha 

Girls don’t understand how much damage they are doing to their own hair without even knowing it, thinking they are actually doing it good and being hygienic. To get that amazing long healthy hair it’s so essential to STOP washing your hair EVERYDAY!!! Seriously guys…. This makes all the difference. A lot of people wash their hair either everyday if not a few times a week. This is sooooo fucking bad. Why? Well because our hair glands produce natural rich oils as it moistens the hair for further hair growth… When you are washing it often you are washing away the oils and complete drying up your scalp and hair follicles… Not allowing it to grow properly. What you need to be doing is wash ur body every day (please lol) and wear a shower cap. I wash my hair 1 a week sometimes twice depending on my activity levels. That’s it!!!! By doing this, I allow my hair to get its oils going without washing it away. (P.s when or if it gets very oily after the second or third day just make a small messy bun on the top of your head…don’t get sucked into the temptation of washing it). 

Next tip…. Try to say goodbye to your flat iron. Those things are death to ur hair. I can seriously have healthy hair and flat iron my hair three times and the tips of my hair turn into a broomstick. IT MAKES A HUGGGGEEE DIFFERENCE! So what to do? Use a blow dryer. Use it when ur hair is damp–>dry that way you can style it more quickly without applying long term heat on it. Believe me it works… At the same time it gives the hair such a nice shine and amazing volume because who the fuck want flat dull hair!!!?!? Right! Gives these a try and I promise you will see such an improvement. Now you guys know my secrets. 

P.S 5 pounds down on my water fast (day 4) 



7 Day Water Fast!!! WTF? YASSSS! 

Hello hello hello. Yup so you read that tittle right. Okay guys real shit going on. As you know I have always mentioned weight loss and cleansing and stuff. So I have legit been doing everything as far as eat healthy and walk for hours every single day “briskly”. For some amazing reason I will not move down on the scale. My weight is at a complete stand still which is FUCKING ANNOYING. In Los Angeles I was so active and social and constantly on the move, singing in my car, hanging with friends, go out with my husband… And yes I am literally missing all that but now I am in Spain and it’s been quit the adjustment. I’m not saying I am fat… I am far from it but at the same time everyone should be where they feel their best and feel they look Their best. I had been (in LA) for years and years about 107lbs. And now I am stuck at 115lbs. It’s not a lot but for me ITS FUCKING HUGGGGGGGGGEEE (Donald trump voice). Haha. After a lot of research I am going to do a complete water fast for 7 days which cleanses all your internal organs and flushes your small and large intestine and cleans out the lungs, kidney and liver. I am however going to drink my two cups of black coffee in the morning. But I have heard amazing cleanse reviews and I will blog my results, feelings and outcome on day 7 for you guys. 

Wish me luck guys. And if you think you can manage give it a go!!! 



MaKe Up Details! 💄

Makeup makeup makeup. I have not done a full glam look for a while now and today was the day. I was nice to bake and cake my face. Typically, because I walk a lot here I try and do super light makeup when I go out because I sweat and don’t like a pound of makeup on when that happens lol!!! 

Today since the weather isn’t hot or humid I figured lets do this shit! 

Breakdown: (as applied)

  • L’oreal True Match W3 (which is a shade to dark for me 😢)
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer 15
  • Santee setting powder 01 nude
  • Mac under eye powder Hot Sensation 
  • Benefit Hoola contour 
  • Sephora foncé deep 55 bronzer (which I just dropped and broke in a million pieces 😤😫)
  • Mac Soft and gentle highlighter 
  • Nars Albatross highlighter for the high part of my cheek bones and tip of my nose only 
  • Mac Rapid black eye liner 
  • Benefit roller lash mascara 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz Dark Brown 
  • Lips subculture 

There you have it guys. These are drug store products mixed with a bit pricy’er products. But they mesh so well together and sits so flawlessly without breaking throughout the day. 



Trip to Mallorca and Ibiza.. fashion, beauty and tips

Hey guys. This past week has been a bit all over the place. I started my journey in Morocco (which I spoke about in my last blog) came back to Barcelona and 2 days later packed and went to Palma De Mallorca for 2 days, packed and went to Ibiza for a day, took a fairy ride to Formentero Ishland for a day.Yeah I am HAPPY to be home for a day before leaving again tomorrow. lol

Palma De Mallorca

This place was beautiful. Although Palma De Mallora is in Spain, it is so different compared to Barcelona. This place is serially beauty. It is much smaller and it isn’t as crowded as Barcelona which was nice. It was super clean and the people where extremely friendly and kind. While we were there we tried to see as much as we possibly could. The first day we went to Old Town which was very medieval times and rusted. It felt like I was walking through a Italian town from 1000 years ago. Because I love shit like that I thought it was amazing. However, I will say though the lack of taxis in Mallorca is limited. We ended up getting stuck in that town for a few hours longer due to non existent taxis. The second day we went by the beach and to see the Dracula Caves. OMG this shit was beautiful. They do a boat show towards the end its definitely a must do if you are there… I personally thought it would be the ideal setting to propose to your significant other!!!! Moving on; fashion here was not happening. Everyone was old and it was pretty empty. There were A LOT  of germans there.. sometimes it felt like we stepped into Germany and not Spain. Buuuut I love my Germans so its all good. My attire on this trip was comfortable and causal. We did a lot of walking and it was cold so I honestly didn’t care tooooooo much… but still I kept it cute!!!


Airport Outfit. 

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Sites. Cathedrals. Dracula Cave. Beach. 



The entrance to OLD TOWN 


Lets just say this place is superrrrrrrr fucking over rated. The image I had set in my mind for this place was soo different from what it actually was. Okay.. Ibiza is for the 18-25 year old person looking to come get fucked up, party their asses off, go see all the house music djs play and rave. If you aren’t coming here with these intentions you probably won’t enjoy  “IBIZA” they way you think you may. Thats all I have to say about this place.. the beaches were beautiful and blue and I can see why youngsters go there but I would never return and if I did it would strictly be to take the Fairy ride to another Island. 




AAAAHHHHHHH YES. This place was heaven. I feel like the younger stay in Ibiza the elders stay at Formentera. You guys this place is fucking breath taking. I have been to some beautiful places around the world but this has to be on my top 5 places to be for summer. The water is crystal blue and it remains under 2ft for about a mile in. It is such a nature filled place and it was peaceful. My husband and I rented a small convertible there and just took a few hours to go around the entire island… it was probably my best and most favorite part of our trip. You can just tell the difference once you are there compared to Ibiza. The beach front hotels are very nice and elegant with an older crowd and families… just beautiful. If I was to every go back to Ibiza it would be to stay here. HEAVEN!


Tomorrow we are leaving for Monte-Carlo France to visit it there and then we will be back home for a while before leaving Spain which is existing as well. …. The staying home part lol.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day. Also EID MOBARAK (happy new year) to all my Persians out there!!!!