Persian Kebab with Salad Shirazi over Buttered Bread

Hey guys… so if you watch my youtube Channel Sonya Sed you know that I absolutely love to cook and bake. Its just my thing you know.. like we all have our “thing” and this is mine. For me cooking or baking is more then just feeding my family.. it genuinely makes me happy. I feel so relaxed and in my own world when I am in the kitchen, its where I feel disconnected with the world and in tune with my own.. its amazing. I love to try new flavor combinations, make dishes from other ethnicities, make dishes that make my pallet explode…and within it all.. never forgetting to add my own personality.. food with a kick of Sonya. LoL.

On you youtube channel linked above, I share a step by step video of how to make this meal. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you love meat or middle eastern food.. this dish won’t disappoint.. I promise!! On the Blog however I will write down ingredients needed and instructions.. That way you can just print this out and follow along while watching my video to make sure you have no failures. haha lets get to it.


  • 500g ground beef/burger meet
  • 2 white onions
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon Turmeric
  • 2 Lemons
  • Salt/Black Pepper
  • optional: Sabzi powder
  • Salted Butter
  • Flat bread of choice


  • In a large bowl grate 1 onion and remove the excise liquid.
  • Add in ground beef
  • Add in Turmeric, Salt (generous amount) and Pepper
  • With your hand mix them altogether as you would a dough.
  • In a non stick pan spread the meat flat making sure it is even in size so it cooks at the same time. Cut the Kebab into 4 sections, this step is very important because it acts as a ventilation for the meat to cook properly and so it doesn’t puff up and form   a disaster. (Watch video to see how I did this).
  • Add the pan over high heat and let it fry for about 1 to 2 minutes covered till the water from the meat is cooked through.. once this time has lapsed add in about 60ml of water.. not much. Cover on low heat and let this slowly cook for 45min, if you feel it is getting dry add in more water in small segments. Once time has lapsed, flip the Kebab and cut in 1 tomato adding this around it. Cover and let sit on very low heat for another 10minutes. Depending on how well done you like your meat, feel free to cut into it and see how you like it. My husband likes his meat very very well done so I generally cook it for much longer. Once cooked, in a dish add flat bread of choice with some butter over top, add in the kebab and tomatoes and cover with another buttered bread. Seal it with foil.. allowing all those meat and tomato juices to seep into the buttered bread.


  • In a salad bowl cut in, 2 tomatoes, Cucumber and 1 onion. When you cut them, try to cut them all into the same size so you get an equal bit full of each rather then a larger piece of onion or tomato. Once cut, add in the juice of 1 and a half or 2 lemons depending on size.. disregarding the seeds for this will give a slight Bitter taste to the juice. Add in salt, pepper and Sabzi flakes if you wish.. that is completely optional. Give it a good mix and let it sit for 30min in the fridge.. or not lol.. if your impatient like me.. and enjoy!!!! 



Set that A** on Fire with my Mexican Bean Soup!!(Vegan/Vegetarian friendly)

Hey loves… I am going to get straight into this blog because it will be a bit long.

My Mexican Bean Soup Recipe 

Disclaimer: This is a VERY spicy dish. If you can not handle spicy foods I do NOT recommend this recipe for you. Please keep in mind that this is MY way of making it and how “I” like it, feel free to modify anything you wish. Lastly, this dish requires multiple tissues and possibly a few tears. Make sure you try to remove as many of the chili peppers as you can when serving..and if you are sharing make sure you warn the guest… “you eat at you’re own risk”. 


1 pack pinto or black beans [pinto is yummier]

1 onion

2 cups cherry tomatoes 

7 medium carrots

3 garlic cloves

3 vegetable flavor cubes


1 Tlbs. Cumin 

1 Tlbs. Black Pepper

1 Tlbs. Oregano

1/2 Tlbs. Chili powder

1/2 Tlbs. Cayenne powder

5 mini dried red chili peppers


Soak the beans in a bowl over night. This process will reduce the cooking time in half and clean the beans. [I must say.. I enjoyed the pinto beans much more]. The following morning drain the beans and toss them into a hallow soup pot. Add 3 liters of water, it may seem like a lot but the beans will absorb a portion of it. Bring water to a boil on high heat. Add salt [as much or as little as you’d like. I add 1 Tlbs.]. Add the three flavor cubes and give it a good stir making sure the cubes are dissolved. Cover with a lid and set the heat to Medium-Low. Let this sit for about 35-40 minutes. During this time you can start preparing the rest of the ingredients. Chop the carrots into a size that you prefer making sure that they are all similar in size so they cook evenly. Then, chop the onion and garlic as fine as you possible can for best results. Chop the cherry tomatoes into 4s and once the 35-40 minutes has lapsed add in the wet ingredients. Once you have done so also add in all the dry spices. Give it a good stir, add the lid and let it simmer on Low-Medium (more low) heat for another 20 minutes. Let 5 minutes pass and sample the flavor to see if you want to adjust the salt..this would be the time!. Once 20 minutes has passed, sample a few beans and a few carrots..if it is cooked turn the heat off and let the soup stand for 10minutes to really absorb the heat. (Thats of course if you can wait 10 minutes because I couldn’t lol).

Congratulations, you have completed the soup and you are ready to enjoy the deliciousness. Add half a fresh squeezed lemon to it, grab a few tissues and ENJOY!!! 


P.S Refrigerate the left overs because the next day this will be 10x more delicious.. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 



Magic Diet.. bye 5 pounds

Okay so if you guys have been following my blog you know that I am always on the hunt to lose that extra 5 pounds. The key here for me is to actually keep it off. Ive noticed, although I love the gym… I gain so much muscle weight in my thighs very fast.. and personally I don’t like to be muscly. I used to run track & field and cross country for four years so since then every time I work out where I am running and bicycling I instantly get really muscly. Anyway.. I don’t know if you guys have heard about the Military Diet but lately I have a lot of people recommending that to me for a guaranteed 5 pound lose in three days. The diet is super strict and you have to follow it to a Tee. I really wanted to give it ago.. I even went and got everything for it but I recently went fully vegetarian and the diet consist hot dogs and Tuna which of course can be substituted but I don’t do Tofu so I have been kinda hesitant to try it. Regardless.. I have been trying to eat healthy and be active and drink a lot of water and tea but I can not manage to get down to where I was pre Barcelona!!! lol so yeah story of my fucking life.. I keep you guys posted on if I see any progress on this healthy life style vegetarian (kinda vegan) diet I am on. -I will forever remain vegetarian though-


Aside from that… I can’t wait till summer…… like hi, where are you!! hurry!!! I am in the process of finding a house with my husband and moving in two months to a bigger and better location. I realized in Barcelona a backyard and a pool is such a necessity in the summer heat here. When I move and am settled I will be doing a house and closet tour for you guys.. I get asked to do one pretty much all the time so I have given in and will be doing so!!!

Today I did some peaceful alone time and grabbed some tea and read a very interesting book my mom gave me about the Bahai faith!!! <– If you don’t know what the Bahai religion is.. click –> BAHAI and educate yourselves. Its very interesting.


So It was so cold today I just layered a bunch of shit and hoped it workout out… lol and it did.. of course!!!!